A Taste of Edmonton

July 24, 2009

So, earlier this week I won seven $1 tickets to ‘A Taste of Edmonton’ on Twitter.

A blog called http://www.theedmontonian.com asked for alternative ideas for a deep fried delicacy to rival the Mars bar. I immediately ‘tweeted’ my suggestion of Oreos!

They liked it so much I won the tickets to cash in for food items at the event.

A fistful of tickets!

A fistful of tickets!

How much food could one obtain with seven tickets? We were about to find out. After walking around surveying what the stalls had to offer we decided to supplement them with 11 more.

"Where are the deep fried Oreos!?"

"Where are the deep fried Oreos!?"

First we had ‘Cheese Empanadas’ and ‘Chicken Enchiladas’ and then we had yummy ‘Crab Cakes with Cajun Mayonnaise’. The ‘Bacon Wrapped Scallops’ were a bit disappointing as we discovered one had the scallop missing! So it was just a piece of bacon on a stick!

Bacon on a stick!

Bacon on a stick!

Sadly, there were no ‘Deep Fried Oreos’ to sample so the winner was definitely the crab cake! Oh, and the baking hot 30º weather!

Got Crabs?

Got Crabs?

What's cooking Edmonton?

What's cooking Edmonton?

I would have liked to sample the Rabbit, but it moved too fast! 😉


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