Domestic Disaster!

August 17, 2009

In my haste to get ready for work one day last week, I was ironing my clothes in the bedroom. Our 20 month old daughter awoke and demanded a drink of milk, I told Mrs. Monton that I would grab it for her. On my return to the bedroom I caught the ironing board sending the hot iron crashing to the floor. Of course, it landed hot side down and left a shiny iron shape branded into our bedroom carpet!

The household appliance wasn’t the only thing steaming. Mrs. Monton displayed her frustration with me and hit the roof! Here is an image of what the iron left behind.

The shape of things

The shape of things

After I defused the situation she was able to see the funny side. I have not been able to live it down, I am now the target of many a domestic joke in the Monton house!

We had to fix this, so we hired a carpet repair guy to replace the burned carpet patch with a piece from under the bed. He did a great job and you can hardly see the join.

Can't see the join. Almost.

Can't see the join. Almost.

I am going to keep the off-cut with the burn mark as a souvenir. It is a piece of modern art that I am calling ‘Domestic Irony’.

Domestic Irony

Domestic Irony

I will go to great lengths to prevent any involvement in domestic chores. This is my way of never being trusted with an iron and ironing board. Now, how do I get out of vacuuming?


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