Our other currency

September 11, 2009

Love it or hate it, Canadian Tire money is our official second currency. Mrs. Monton and I have been faithful visitors to Canadian Tire gas bars throughout the province in order to accumulate large quantities to exchange for merchandise within the store. We turned it into a little game, often driving on fumes to the nearest Canadian Tire gas bar located by GPS on our iPhones. We went to great lengths in order to save as much money as possible. After saving over $300 we decided to blow it all on a new lawnmower. The cashier wasn’t impressed with us having to count all that Canadian Tire dough!

A fistful of canadian Tire dollars!

A fistful of canadian Tire dollars!

Now they have decided to reduce the amount you get back on a litre of gas to 5 cents instead of 7.5 cents! This means less Canadian Tire money in our pockets. I remember when you used to get coupons for 7 and 10 times Canadian Tire money on your gas purchase. They axed that and left it at 7.5 cents per litre. This was in line with other loyalty programs such as Safeway and Superstore. Now because they drop their rates CT has to follow, how can they attract more customers if they are simply following like sheep. Where’s the incentive?

The trouble is I will still buy gas from them to enjoy moments like the one in my YouTube video.


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