September 28, 2009
Edmontonians gather to harvest their crop of potatoes!

Edmontonians gather to harvest their crop of potatoes!

Regular readers of my blog will remember that about three weeks ago I posted a story on Norbest Farms and their Great Potato Giveaway. I first heard about it during a video I was shooting for Cheemo and the Edmonton Potato Growers. I decided to give it a little push in the form of promoting the event on Twitter. Who knew that it would have been so popular, we couldn’t believe our eyes when at 9:30am the traffic was tailing back all the way down Manning Drive as people flocked to fill their cars with 50lbs of spuds!

Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam

Unfortunately, we couldn’t sit and wait for two hours as we had our two year old little girl and my 80yr old father with us, so it was disappointing to have to turn around. However, it was incredible to see the line of vehicles waiting to get into Norbest Farms. I grabbed some video with my iPhone to capture the magnitude of the occasion.

Kudos to Gord Visser of Norbest Farms for putting on this event and offering the potatoes to Edmontonians. Here is an excerpt from a discussion between Gord and Joe Makowecki of Cheemo Perogies on the importance of the close proximity of farms like Norbest.

Now I promise to leave the subject of potatoes alone until maybe next year!


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