Faster than a speeding plumber!

November 26, 2009

Slow Down!

I don’t often vent my pet peeves, but when I do they are justified. On my way to a meeting yesterday I took the Whitemud as part of my route. I slowed down to observe the imposed speed limit due to the construction on the Quesnell Bridge. I was shocked to see how many vehicles were tearing by at double the speed allowed with an obvious disregard to the safety of others. Can’t these people read? There are signs clearly posted throughout the construction zone that indicate the penalty for exceeding the speed limit. They are there for a reason. Despite the risk of incurring a huge fine along with demerits, people insist on ignoring the law and continue to speed.

I felt the need to Tweet this and see if anyone else in the Edmonton Twitterville shared my frustration. It was reassuring to see I wasn’t alone, I had several direct messages and re-tweets. As I checked my Twitterfeed I noticed that @britl had also experienced a similar encounter with a lead-footed driver. She mentioned in her Tweet that she had been forced to increase her speed by an aggressive driver in a local plumber’s van, resulting in the likelihood that she will probably have earned herself a ticket. The speeding van was from Piper Plumbing, the company with lead pipes and feet to match! Picture of company vehicle below…

We're plumb fast!

I hope that drivers like this can be brought to justice to prevent them from breaking the law and bullying other road users into driving faster. If you are reading this via Twitter please Retweet and get behind @britl in her quest to get her ticket revoked.

You’re looking good Edmonton, but you’d look even better if people would slow down.


One comment

  1. I am by no means defending the people who excessively speed on the Whitemud – it makes me exceptionally nervous when they’re all whizzing past me, especially in poor road conditions – but I can understand their frustration with the Quesnell Bridge construction project (if not their decision to break the law), in particular the eastbound portion of the road from 149 street to 53 ave. There’s not actually any construction going on there, neither are there any lane closures until you get to the Fox drive turnoff. The construction is currently all on the westbound side, which is separated by a concrete median, so I will admit that I have been at times baffled by why the speed limit is still slowed to 50km/h.

    I’ll continue going the speed limit because it’s the law, and I wish other drivers would do the same. It just makes good sense. However, I can understand the emotion behind people’s decision, even if i can’t support their decision itself.

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