Sharing the Apple goodness

May 28, 2010

Apple Glow

Today (May 28th, 2010) marked the day for the release of the iPad in Canada, the opening of a new Apple Store in Edmonton and the beginning of a new friendship for me.

I was very lucky to win an iPad in an online contest ran by iStockphoto and proudly announced it over my Twitter account. One of my followers had already bought himself one and was happy to share in my joy. Word spread and I was getting excited comments from several of my loyal followers wondering when I would be receiving my new gadget.

I soon realized that I wouldn’t be getting my iPad until after the release date here in Canada. This didn’t dampen my enthusiasm at all as I read tweets about this wonderful piece of new technology. It only served to make me more excited at the prospect of owning a shiny piece of Apple history.

While on Twitter this week I discovered that the opening of the new Apple Store at Southgate Mall in Edmonton was taking place. Before long I had arranged to meet @Wildsau at the grand opening. We have been following each other on Twitter for some time and decided to meet in person and share the experience as two Apple ‘fanboys’.

I went with the sole purpose of meeting @Wildsau (and to score a free T-Shirt), experience the Apple related frenzy and see the iPad up close. But, the best part of the morning was the chat over coffee with my new friend. Yet another example of why I love Twitter!

Open for business! iPad anyone?

Here is the video of the unveiling of Edmonton’s newest Apple Store…

Here is the CTV News coverage of the event…


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