Signs you might be an Apple fanboy

February 12, 2010

Your office looks something like this

You keep your fish in one of these

You make furniture from old Macs

Your car looks like this

...or this!

...and has wheels like this!




You own a beer 'server'

Your Macworld subscription gets delivered here

This picture makes you laugh!

This photo makes you laugh

You have your love for all things Apple tattooed on your body

You have your love for all things Apple tattooed on your body

This is an actual tattoo on the left leg of one of my Twitter followers. Thanks to @mrnichol for sharing this!

...and shaved in your hair!

You don't knit sweaters

Even your baby wears Apple themed clothing

Yes, this is my kid!

If any of these images seem familiar to you, then it could mean you are addicted to Apple.


Hope for Haiti Now

January 25, 2010

If you haven’t already done so, please donate to the ‘Hope For Haiti Now’ appeal. Here is a link to the donation page of this worthwhile cause… https://www.hopeforhaitinow.org/Default.asp

Also, you can download the ‘Hope For Haiti Now’ performances from the iTunes store. All proceeds go to helping Haiti recover from the devastation. http://bit.ly/AMessage2010


MacBook Stickers

January 24, 2010

'Rene Macritte'

Iron Mac

Mac users are known for their creativity, expressed not just in their career but also in the way they customize their MacBooks. While I personally wouldn’t dream of sticking anything to the outside of my MacBook Pro I like the way these people have included the use of the Apple brand in the design of their decals.

A BitTorrent user maybe?

'Lego' of my MacBook!


Snow 'White' Leopard

Pulp Fiction Mac


Olympic Spirit

January 19, 2010

As the Olympic flame winds its way across the country, many Canadians are fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of history in their community. Last week it was Beaumont’s turn to host the celebration of pride in our nation. It was just like Canada Day, apart from the freezing temperatures and snow on the ground. Children and adults were dressed in red and white, waving flags and singing ‘Oh Canada’ in anticipation of the arrival of the Olympic flame.

An excited crowd awaits the arrival of the torch.

The Olympic torch relay began its lengthy 45,000-kilometre journey across Canada on October 30 at Mile Zero of the Trans-Canada Highway in Victoria, B.C. Now it is almost on the final leg of the journey as the games are almost upon us. Here below is a picture of the path the torch has taken through Alberta, of the 12,000 torchbearers running across Canada, about 1,000 have been selected from our province.

The path of the torch through Alberta.

Here is a YouTube video that I hoped would capture the spirit and enthusiasm of everyone in Beaumont.

Mayor of Beaumont, Camille Berube introduces the Olympic Torch

Holding the flame aloft

Olympic Torch Relay, Beaumont AB


Faster than a speeding plumber!

November 26, 2009

Slow Down!

I don’t often vent my pet peeves, but when I do they are justified. On my way to a meeting yesterday I took the Whitemud as part of my route. I slowed down to observe the imposed speed limit due to the construction on the Quesnell Bridge. I was shocked to see how many vehicles were tearing by at double the speed allowed with an obvious disregard to the safety of others. Can’t these people read? There are signs clearly posted throughout the construction zone that indicate the penalty for exceeding the speed limit. They are there for a reason. Despite the risk of incurring a huge fine along with demerits, people insist on ignoring the law and continue to speed.

I felt the need to Tweet this and see if anyone else in the Edmonton Twitterville shared my frustration. It was reassuring to see I wasn’t alone, I had several direct messages and re-tweets. As I checked my Twitterfeed I noticed that @britl had also experienced a similar encounter with a lead-footed driver. She mentioned in her Tweet that she had been forced to increase her speed by an aggressive driver in a local plumber’s van, resulting in the likelihood that she will probably have earned herself a ticket. The speeding van was from Piper Plumbing, the company with lead pipes and feet to match! Picture of company vehicle below…

We're plumb fast!

I hope that drivers like this can be brought to justice to prevent them from breaking the law and bullying other road users into driving faster. If you are reading this via Twitter please Retweet and get behind @britl in her quest to get her ticket revoked.

You’re looking good Edmonton, but you’d look even better if people would slow down.


A moment of clarity.

November 4, 2009


OK, I’m not saying that the whole Swine Flu thing isn’t serious but I discovered a YouTube video that made me smile at least. I intend to get vaccinated along with the entire population of Edmonton and the queue jumping Calgary Flamers. In fact, I attempted to do just that last week. I picked up the wee one from day care and whisked her off to our local flu shot venue in the hopes of getting us both immunized, only to discover there was a huge line of people willing to wait out the 5 hours to get their shots. Totally impossible to do with a two year old. Now the powers that be have seen the light and the next round will be for high-risk groups that includes our daughter we may be successful.

I liked Chris LaBossiere’s blog about Top Ten Ron Liepert positions on the H1N1 Vaccine, joking apart, I could actually see the privatization one becoming a reality!

Anyway, have a look at the video and if you haven’t been one of the fortunate ones, good luck getting your flu shot before the evil pig strikes you down.



September 28, 2009
Edmontonians gather to harvest their crop of potatoes!

Edmontonians gather to harvest their crop of potatoes!

Regular readers of my blog will remember that about three weeks ago I posted a story on Norbest Farms and their Great Potato Giveaway. I first heard about it during a video I was shooting for Cheemo and the Edmonton Potato Growers. I decided to give it a little push in the form of promoting the event on Twitter. Who knew that it would have been so popular, we couldn’t believe our eyes when at 9:30am the traffic was tailing back all the way down Manning Drive as people flocked to fill their cars with 50lbs of spuds!

Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam

Unfortunately, we couldn’t sit and wait for two hours as we had our two year old little girl and my 80yr old father with us, so it was disappointing to have to turn around. However, it was incredible to see the line of vehicles waiting to get into Norbest Farms. I grabbed some video with my iPhone to capture the magnitude of the occasion.

Kudos to Gord Visser of Norbest Farms for putting on this event and offering the potatoes to Edmontonians. Here is an excerpt from a discussion between Gord and Joe Makowecki of Cheemo Perogies on the importance of the close proximity of farms like Norbest.

Now I promise to leave the subject of potatoes alone until maybe next year!